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          Jasmine Hill-Carter is a self made business owner who found her love for business, beauty, and fashion at a young age. At the age of five, Jasmine would receive cash gifts from church family and that is when she noticed she could make money from just being smart. She took that money and flipped. At the age of 13, she started a candy fundraiser to raise money for the company she wanted to start. She would stay late after school and do ample research on how to start a business and figure out the legal process. She also taught her self all the legal business terms and the "how-to" process on filing for trademarks, patents, etc. This is when she start developing her business plan for Velz Monroe. 

Jasmine started doing hair at the age of 11. She always had different types of hairstyles growing up. Youtube was definitely a source of how she learned how to do hair but she always would watch her family members do other people hair. Being a visual learner, Jasmine picked up skills fast. Her first time wearing makeup was for her thirteenth birthday and she never looked back.

Throughout her life, she always loved streetwear and loved accessorizing her outfits. However, her style had a range of streetwear, glamour, bohemian chic, and business corporate. Modeling in fashion shows, watching ANTM and Fashion Runway, her love of fashion grew everyday. At the age of 14, her dad brought her a sewing machine for Christmas. She studied fashion design on her own and would always research high fashion brands on how they got started. She loved putting together outfits and helping other people with their outfits. She grew up wearing Juicy Couture and Polo Ralph Lauren which inspired her to start her own Fashion and Beauty Brand.


Velz Monroe, was developed in 2010 and she launched it in September 2012. The brand first launched as a women's vintage jewelry brand. Being only 18, launching a full Fashion and Beauty Label was not in Jasmine's ability. She was a full time fashion student, and worked 40 hours to put herself through college. The week before Jasmine launched her business was the week that her father told her, his cancer came back. So she took that news, and took her life into her own hands in order to remove the financial pressure and responsibility off her father. 

Even with all the pressure of putting herself through school, she began to find a passion for styling while working in fashion retail. Throughout her retail career, Jasmine started her own small personal shopping business and became a valuable wardrobe stylist. She took those talents and incorporated her brand into every outfit she would find for her clients. 

Although she is talented in various areas, modeling and styling have always been her first two passions. The year of 2013, she decided to build her empire as a model and stylist. She started to do more photo shoots and decided that being in front of the camera was for her. However, being behind the scenes was the ultimate thrill for her as well.  She received opportunities to style models with her accessories in fashion shows throughout the tri-state area.

June 2014, Carter lost her father to cancer and made her loss one of her biggest motivations. She then traveled the US and promoted her brand in several states such as California, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc. She created series of events called The Takeover where its overall purpose is for small business owners, models, photographers, makeup artists, entertainers, etc to network with one another on a business level and be able to build their contact list and portfolios. She then left her retail career and pursued her business full time.

May 2015, all her hard work paid off and she was contacted by Pilar Scratch to assist her with styling for Fashion GXD Magazine. She is now the assistant stylist for the magazine and has worked on several covers styling and her brand Velz Monroe has been featured multiple times. 

Throughout the years, Jasmine has help several small businesses build their brand image and have given ample business advice. She then changed her major in college to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development which brought everything full circle. May 2017, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her Bachelors in Science majoring in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development. She also minored in Business Law. Summer of 2017, she made it her business to re-brand her Instagram account as a brand strategist, fashion and beauty blogger, and business developer. November 2017, she released her first eBook on Social Media 101.

Carter's skillset does not stop there. She also has expertise in website design, photography, and event planning.  She plans to take her degrees and knowledge of running a successful business to guide others with the process of building their brands while becoming a fashion mogul.


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